The primary research for this report came from a combination of interviews with processing services vendors; available market data; annual reports from VISA, MasterCard, National Retail Merchants Association, and American Banker; and INPUT reports outlined in Appendix C, Related INPUT Reports.

The base year (1985) is consistent with the base year for INPUT’S U.S.
Information Services Markets, 1984-1989, Industry-Specific Markets (Vol. I).

Interviews were conducted with Telecheck Services, Telecredit, Fundsnet, National Bancard, Corndata Network, National Data Corp, First Data Resources, Chilton, and Visa International,

The definitions of terms used in this report appear in Appendix A. A data base summarizing forecasts by delivery mode and industry sector appears in Appendix BL

The forecasts contained in this report include a 6% factor for inflation.

Inquiries and comments on the information presented in this report are invited from clients.