• Expenditures for voice-related check verification/guarantee information services currently represent the major portion (62%) of the total market.

Dial-up voice with operator voice-response comprises 38%.

Voice with audio response represents another 24%.

• Three factors will compound to produce a significant shift in service delivery modes over the forecast period:

Fraud is growing rapidly, particularly in credit cards, and is threatening the profit margins of card companies (i.e., Visa, American Express, MasterCard). There is therefore every incentive to facilitate CCAS at the retail level.

An aggressive program by market participants, financial institutions, third party information services vendors, value added network (VAN) vendors, retailers, and terminal vendors to install credit authorization, POS, and ECR terminals capable of handling both credit card and check transactions.

The expansion, integration, and interfacing of credit card data, check guarantee data, and interchange networks handling a wide variety of terminals, protocol, and message formats for both credit card and check authorization/guarantee transactions.

• Expenditures for electronic delivery will become the dominant (54%) component of all authorization/guarantee expenditures in 1990; with the most significant increase coming from POS/ECR originated electronic transactions that will rise from 22% of the current market to become its largest component, approaching 40% of the total